Built To Last

All iron crafters doors go through a specific coating process. We have our own in house powder system to insure you get the quality finish that lasts. Every door goes through a multi-stage soak/degrease station then moves to a high temp pressure wash to insure the metal is completely clean. An iron phosphate is then applied and once again the door is
rinsed with high pressure hot water.

At iron crafters we do not just apply an industry standard powder coating. Every custom door has 3 mils of zinc primer baked on before the actual polyester powder is applied. We then go another step and bake on a layer of polyester clear coating that gives the consumer a door that has unbeatable weather protection designed to last for years.

Our custom in house wood stains give your doors an unmatched beauty for the steel door industry.



Door Handles

We offer a wide variety of door hardware in various styles and finishes to accentuate the beauty
of your home.

Glass Options

IronCrafters offers a variety of glass textures and tints to choose from to make your security door both funtional and beautiful.





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